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    Childhood Foot & Leg Problems
    podiatry, foot pain
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    What We Help

    Childhood Foot & Leg Problems

    Some children develop an unusual gait, or walking and running style, or complain of foot and leg pain.

    Which makes it difficult to enjoy exercise and join in activities with other children. They may walk pigeon-toed, trip regularly or walk on the balls of their feet or with knock-knees, or get heel and knee pain.


    These problems can be developmental and temporary, or more serious and early intervention with mobilisation treatment, tailor made orthotics for their shoes or other non-invasive solutions might be advised.


    ‘Growing pains’ can affect children’s lower legs, ankles and feet. Podiatrists can assess whether there is some more concerning pathology or treat growing pains with massage and stretching, and teach parents how to continue this at home


    It is important to teach children how to look after their feet and keeping them healthy to help them to maintain an active lifestyle.


    Having yours children’s feet assessed can be reassuring and allow for early intervention, it can also relay any fears you might have.

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    Speak with your podiatrist about a variety of treatments available to assist with foot pain, including lower limb mobilisation & EMS. 🌺