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    Information about COVID-19


    Updated 19th July, 2021

    We hope you and your family are doing okay and acknowledge for many it’s a tough time. As an essential health service, Feet First Podiatry remains open during this lockdown period, however there is reduced appointment availability. We continue to be up-to-date and compliant with all public health orders.

    All of us individually are responsible for ensuring we comply with NSW Government directions at all times regarding isolating and getting tested. Please be sure to regularly check

    If you need to isolate or get tested, or have any cold or flu like symptoms, please just give us a call and we will reschedule your appointment.  We all need to look after each other during this lockdown, to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

    This page is broken into 2 sections for more detail and your ease of use:

    What we need to ask of you and what we are doing to protect you.

    1. What we kindly request of all our Podiatry Patients


    Please phone us to reschedule your appointment if:

    • You’ve returned from overseas travel, or visited a known Covid Infection site in the last 14 days, OR if you have had known direct contact with anyone who has returned from any of these.

    • If you are feeling unwell (fever, cough, runny nose). Please phone your doctor if you are feeling unwell, thoroughly describe your symptoms and seek their early advice.


    High or special needs patients, please phone us and we will work with you to arrange any special conditions required for your appointment. This would apply to patients who:

    • are suffering from a chronic illness
    • have a suppressed immune system
    • are over 70 years and practicing self-isolation
    • or require any other special needs they would like us to try and accommodate.

    Home Visit Patients

    For patients who cannot travel to clinic or are concerned about doing so, we continue to offer home visits, but again, ask that you or your carer support the additional precautionary measures our booking and Podiatry staff are also now taking with our home visits. Click here to read more.


    We ask that all patients please personally adhere strictly to the following:


    For Social Distancing Compliance

    1. Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes before your appointment time to help us manage social distancing requirements in our waiting areas (4 square metres per person),

    2. Maintain 1.5m social distance when in our common (non treatment) areas,

    3. Please do not bring anyone else with you to your appointment, unless:

    • you require a carer, in addition to the podiatrist, to assist you during your appointment

    • you are a parent with a young child that you cannot leave at home with another adult.

    If you are bringing a support person OR a child/children to your appointment, please alert us at the time of confirming your appointment so we can advise if we can accommodate this AND still ensure the 1.5m social distancing required for all our protection, it may be necessary to reschedule your appointment.

    We hope that you will understand that during this lockdown period we will ask all visitors without an appointment to wait for you outside of the clinic, unless prearranged.


    Personal Hygiene measures

    4. Please sanitize your hands thoroughly, on entry to the clinic.

    5.  As per NSW Health “The main value of wearing a mask is to protect other people. If the person wearing the mask is unknowingly infected, wearing a mask will reduce the chance of them passing the virus on to others.”

    We thank you for respecting that wearing a face mask is currently a condition of entering our premises, and for those who cannot or do not wish to wear a face mask, please contact our customer service team to discuss all options available to you.

    Please refer

    Please read the signs about the correct wearing of the disposable face mask, or ask our staff for assistance.



    2. We are continuing to adhere to additional measures for your safety


    At Feet First Podiatry, our staff have always been dedicated to high standards of infection control, this remains unchanged. These measures will remain in place until it is no longer deemed necessary by Health Authorities.

    • Installed additional hand sanitizing stations through out all our clinics, for our patients’ use.

    • Our staff  will continue to wear a disposable face mask at all times during your visit to our clinics. For patients, wearing a face mask is also currently a condition of entry.

    • Changed layout of our waiting rooms, to achieve the social distancing requirements.

    • Removed all magazines, books, brochures and business cards from the waiting areas.

    • There are clear floor markings in front of our reception counters, that we politely ask you not to cross, again for social distancing requirements.

    • Reception staff are now also ‘staggering’ the booking of appointments and building in additional gaps in the appointment books in order to minimise the number of patients in our waiting rooms.

    This will also provide Podiatrists with time to do additional disinfecting of the treatment rooms between patients.

    • Podiatrists and Reception staff are disinfecting ALL surfaces and ALL items used in the treatment rooms, at Reception and in our bathrooms, after almost every patient – so we ask that no one please be offended.


    Our commitment to you:

    • We are now asking anyone who has an appointment or who calls to book an appointment, if:
    a. they have travelled internationally in the past 2 weeks?
    b. had known contact with anyone who has been overseas, visited a known Covid Infection site in the last 2 weeks?
    c. they are currently awaiting the results of a Covid-19 test?
    d. they are living in the same premises as a person awaiting the results of a Covid-19 test?
    e. if they have any of the symptoms of a viral infection (coughing, sneezing, temperature).

    We then work with patients who answer any of these questions in the affirmative, to delay their appointments for 2 weeks.

    • None of our staff have travelled internationally in the past year, and none are intending to do so in the foreseeable future.

    • Our staff are aware of symptoms of the virus and will not come to work should any of us develop these or even mild similar symptoms. This may cause delays or rescheduling of your treatment.

    We apologise for any inconvenience and will give you as much notice as possible of any changes to your booking.

    • We continue to keep up-to-date daily with releases issued by the Department of Health NSW in relation to COVID-19. We will continue to act according to their directions.


    Please visit this page often, as we will be updating it regularly as restrictions are eased.

    Do not hesitate to call the clinic on 02 9568 4573 if you have questions or concerns that you wish to discuss.

    To stay up to date with the latest news and Covid Infection Sites visit

    Contact us at 02 9568 4573 or Send us a Message


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      This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.