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    Fashion Shoes that Fit Orthotics
    podiatry, foot pain
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    Fashion Shoes that Fit Orthotics

    At 316-318 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville, we offer the services of both a Feet First Podiatry Clinic AND our speciality Fitz Shoe shop. We also have a range of shoes at our Ashfield and Leichhardt clinics and can bring any style and size you might like to try on to your closest clinic.


    Fitz Shoes offers the full range from orthotic friendly shoes that have removable insoles to allow for your custom made orthotic to insert into the podiatrically designed shoe.


    Fitz Shoes also offers a unique range of modern, stylish AND comfortable women’s casual, business, and evening shoes and sandals. No longer does a comfortable shoe have to be ugly!


    Whether for business or casual, our orthotic friendly shoes for men are not only comfortable and stylish, but also well made from quality materials so they are hard wearing and will last.

    Does your job require you to be your feet all day and or requires high quality heavy duty, even safety, work shoes? Fitz Shoes also carries a range that are suitable to meet many company Work Health and Safety requirements.


    So don’t drag your feet, instead come put a foot in our door where Feet First Podiatry and Fitz Shoes work seamlessly together to help you maintain or achieve healthy feet for a pain free active lifestyle.


    We now also display a range of shoes in our Ashfield and Leichhardt Feet First Podiatry clinics and can arrange fittings or check with our Marrickville Fitz Shoe store on size and style availability for you.

    Shoe Brands

    • Arcopedico
    • Brako
    • De Valverde
    • Dr.Comfort
    • Frankie 4
    • Gadean
    • Klouds
    • Relax shoe
    • revere
    • Vionic
    • Wilde

    Contact us at 02 9568 4573 or Send us a Message

    Speak with your podiatrist about a variety of treatments available to assist with foot pain, including lower limb mobilisation & EMS. 🌺