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    How We Treat
    podiatry, foot pain
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    How We Treat

    Feet First Podiatry has been providing podiatry care to patients in Sydney’s inner west for over 22 years!

    Podiatrists are university trained experts in foot health.  They can diagnose, treat, and help to prevent and or rehabilitate conditions of the feet and lower limb.


    Whether you come to Feet First with already known Podiatry need or require assessment and diagnosis, our Podiatrists have the experience, skills and training to design the right treatment plan for your foot and lower limb health goals.


    Our Podiatrists pride themselves on keeping up to date with modern treatment techniques and the latest evidence based research, so they can give you their best professional advice and recommendations.


    Our clinics were designed with your comfort and safety in mind, so you can have both a quality and pleasant treatment experience.


    What to expect from your first appointment.


    For all new patients, we advise that the first appointment be a thorough assessment, which will involve your Podiatrist:


    • Go through your medical and injury history,
    • Talk with you about your current issues or symptoms,
    • Review your regular footwear with you,
    • Take an initial look at how you walk and stand,
    • Provide immediate pain reduction interventions.


    This assessment will give the podiatrist the information they need to find the best and most suitable treatment for you.  Your podiatrist will also offer advice or treatment to assist with  immediate pain reduction and management interventions, and discuss recommendations that can help at your first appointment.

    Contact us at 02 9568 4573 or Send us a Message

    Speak with your podiatrist about a variety of treatments available to assist with foot pain, including lower limb mobilisation & EMS. 🌺