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    podiatry, foot pain
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    A Podiatrist is a specialist in lower limb and foot mechanics. We all have very individual mechanics that are genetically determined and influenced by a compilation of external factors such as our activities, surfaces and footwear.


    As humans, we now live a long time in a rapidly evolving environment. Our individual mechanics will  cope and respond variably, dependent also on the stressors we introduce.


    A podiatrist will assess and measure how your mechanics function through movement patterns such as walking. These assessments assist to identify how some structures such as tendons, ligaments, cartilage and fascia do or don’t cope under our activity.


    An orthotic will only play a part in your overall treatment plan, things such as muscle imbalance, joint restriction or ill fitting footwear must always be addressed.


    Sometimes, the way our mechanics are functioning can be altered through muscle treatment, stretch and strength and or joint mobilisation. For some individuals orthotics can assist the function of our mechanics by altering the forces, levers and pressure in our feet. Similar to the way reading glasses work, not everyone will need them, the use and prescription will vary and require customisation between individuals.

    Assessing how you walk & custom making orthotics

    What about “off the shelf” non prescription orthotics?


    Occasionally a podiatrist may suggest an “off the shelf” orthotic device as it may be close to your prescription needs or may serve as a source of relief for your condition.

    Over time your lifestyle and body is continuously changing, it is encouraged that you and your orthotic prescription are reviewed as required for your individual needs, this may vary from monthly to annually.

    If Prescribed, how do we make your Customised Orthotics?

    Step 1 –  Gait Analysis

    Assisted by the Zebris treadmill technology, your Podiatrist will observe and note the unique  things about the way you walk and stand.

    Step 2 –  Casting

    Your prescription needs and the type of material chosen to make your orthotics will determine the ‘casting method’ selected by your Podiatrist. At Feet First Podiatry our methods range from ‘Pin point Pressure maps’, 3D digital imaging, foam box and plastering.

    Step 3 – Milling and Fitting

    The data collected in the casting method is combined with the detailed prescription written by your Podiatrist to translate to the milling of your customs orthotic devices.

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