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    Swetha Pola
    podiatry, foot pain
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    Swetha Pola

    Swetha Pola

    Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine from Western Sydney University

    Swetha was born, raised and attended university in Sydney, she has worked as a podiatrist in regional Australia but has returned to Sydney to be closer to family.

    Swetha has a broad range of skills and treatment options up her sleeve, she has enjoyed further studies since leaving university which have helped to make her the well-rounded podiatrist she is today. Swetha has an interest in all of areas of podiatry and enjoys connecting with people of all ages just as much as she loves helping feet.

    Swetha will always look to be pragmatic and holistic with her care, she likes to drawer on a variety of treatment options and work with each patient by taking the time to ask questions, listen and find what is best for the individual.

    Outside of the clinic, Swetha is committed to a gentle and strengthening yoga class and loves to explore the outdoors.

    Swetha is a member of the Australian Podiatry Association

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