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    Huy Pham
    podiatry, foot pain
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    Huy Pham

    Huy Pham

    Bachelor of Podiatry from University of Newcastle

    After a long career in banking Huy finally found his calling in life in Podiatry. He loves everything about Podiatry; however, his greatest passion is in injury rehabilitation and common foot deformities where he is committed to helping patients with foot and ankle pain such as heel pain, bunion, flat feet and Achilles tendon pain.

    Huy believes that the foot is the foundation of the body and pain further up the foot like knee, hip and lower back maybe related to foot problems.

    With the rising prevalence of diabetes in the community, Huy has also taken a special interest in diabetes assessment, foot care and advice.

    Huy also enjoys providing traditional Podiatry treatment for nails, corns, calluses, and especially ingrown toe nails with relaxing classical music in the background.

    Outside of Podiatry he is a fanatical tennis fan who thinks Roger Federer is God. His other hobbies include travel and listening to classical music and is very open to share them with everyone.

    Huy is a member of the Australian Podiatry Association

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