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    Esther Grant
    podiatry, foot pain
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    Esther Grant

    Esther Grant

    Diploma in Health Science (Podiatry) from Sydney Institute of Technology (1996)
    Owner & Principal Podiatrist

    Esther Grant is well known for her high standards, energy and her gentle and engaging client care. She is a seasoned podiatrist with over 25 years of experience and owner of both Feet First Podiatry and Live Active Clinic.  Esther is currently treating exclusively as a bio-mechanical podiatrist at Live Active Clinic in Annandale.

    Esther is committed to a multifaceted approach to remedy foot and lower limb pain, she draws on a wide skill set, sensitive hands and experience to get results. Combined with her passion for continually developing her podiatry skills and knowledge, she is known for being able to offer clients a wide range of treatment options. Esther also believes in the power of the ‘shared care’ model, and continues to maintain her well developed referral network with other medical professionals.

    Esther is a member of the Australian Podiatry Association and Sports and Exercise Podiatry Australia.

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    Speak with your podiatrist about a variety of treatments available to assist with foot pain, including lower limb mobilisation & EMS. 🌺